Community Investment Committee (CIC)

What Happens After Campaign?

The Community Investment Committee (CIC) serves a critical role in helping United Way of Southwest Oklahoma (UWSWOK) achieve our mission. Each year UWSWOK accepts grant applications from our local non-profit partners. These organizations provide vital services through programs which focus on improving the education, income stability, health and basic needs of every person in our community. The Community Investment Committee (CIC) works to identify the most effective way to distribute United Way funds in order to provide the maximum impact in our community for those who need it most.

How Does The CIC Work?

The CIC is comprised of 50-60 local volunteers representing our community's unique and diverse demography. The volunteers are divided into Panels to review the grant applications of each program they are assigned. Volunteers will also conduct an on-site agency visit to better understand the day-to day operations, and evaluate each program’s effectiveness. During the visits, agencies give presentations explaining their programs, services and budgets. Following visits and application reviews, each Panel will develop a recommendation for funding to be presented to the Board of Directors.

CIC Volunteer Requirements:

As a volunteer, you will be asked to review and understand the programs, budgets, and outcomes of the applicants and assist in determining an appropriate funding level for United Way support. It is also important to understand the proposed use of United Way funding for each program. Each Panel is assigned 3-4 applications to review. Volunteers typically spend 1-2 hours reviewing applications on their own, outside of time devoted to Panel meetings and site visits. The total volunteer time is estimated to be 15 - 20 hours over a five week period. Volunteers must also have the permission from their employer (if applicable) to participate, as Panel meetings and site visits usually take place during regular business hours.

Interested in Joining the CIC?

If you would like to serve on the Community Investment Committee for the United Way of Southwest Oklahoma, please click HERE to complete the volunteer application!