Mission & Values


Through our mission, "Improve lives by mobilizing the caring power to help our community," the United Way of Southwest Oklahoma fights for the education, income stability, health, and basic needs of every person in Southwest Oklahoma.


  • Ignite a community by mobilizing thousands to action - to give, advocate and volunteer - to improve the conditions in which they live.
  • Stimulate and connect local individuals, businesses and nonprofits to create long-lasting change that produces healthy, well-educated and financially stable individuals and families.
  • Raise money for the local partner agencies to implement and support innovative programs generating a positive impact on our local community.


  • Collective Impact – We are stronger together; United Way encourages people to join the movement to share goals and focuses on achieving results - better-quality community lives.
  • Volunteering – We recognize volunteering as a way to transform and connect with our communities.
  • Community Connection – We develop relationships to strengthen our ability to collaborate, organize, influence and achieve community change. 
  • Passion and Commitment – We are continually devoted to creating a better partnership in our community and building a United Way model to drive positive social change.